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Novritsch 3D Ghillie


Every airsoft player loves the idea of being invisible just like I do.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find a camouflage system that fits my requirements. So I designed my own.

The Novritsch 3D Ghillie is optimized to suit the playstyle of the Sneaky Sniper as well as the Aggressive Assaulter. The lightweight and breathable 3D Ghillie technology allows high mobility without compromising camouflage.

The Novritsch 3D Ghillie does not need any further amendments. Just put it over your gear and you are ready to go.

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The Novritsch Ghillie works with any kind of gear. Platecarriers, chestrigs or even big backpacks. With the adjustmentcord you can fit it to whatever gear you are wearing.
Just throw it over and be invisible for your enemies.

3D leaves

The leaves are lasercut from 100% Nylon Ripstop fabric. They are sewed on twice with reinforced thread. I tried to rip the leaves off the Ghillie but failed. Send me a mail if you managed to do it, I’m curious how you did it.


The Novritsch Ghillie comes in a compact mesh pouch with molle attachments. When folded the Novritsch 3D Ghillie only takes 3 liters of space and weighs less than 600g.

No compromise

The boonie - upper body combination doesn’t limit the movement of your head in any way. Doesn’t limit your view, Doesn’t limit your hearing abilities. You won’t even feel that you are wearing the Novritsch 3D ghillie.

Be invisible

The 3D Leaves break up the silhouette of your body. The enemies won’t be able to distinguish you from the natural vegetation surrounding you.


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