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For all SSG24 questions

Please read through this page carefully. Most of the questions are already answered here.

When are you shipping my SSG24?
Please check this shipping progress page to find out when your gun gets shipped.

Do you ship the SSG24 to my country?

When can I buy the gun from retailers in the Phillipines / Turkey / Brasil / Russia etc. ?

How can I remove the orange tip?
If you order to the US or Italy you will get the SSG24 with an orange tip. The black tip can be purchased seperately in the spare part shop. You can remove the orange tip by heating it up with a heat gun or a blow dryer for 10 minutes. Then twist it counter clockwise with a pipe wrench.

How many Joules will my SSG24 have?
Please check the SSG24 spring data

Can you preinstall a specific spring into my SSG24?
M90, M140 and M150 can be preinstalled. If you want another spring inside your SSG24 please watch this video to learn how to exchange springs yourself

How can I create account?
You can create an account at the end of a checkout at

Which BB weight is included with my SSG24?
SSG24 with M90 installed comes with 0,3g BBS. M140 comes with 0,4g BBs and M150 comes with 0,46g BBs

I am from the UK. Can you two tone my gun?
We do not offer this service. If you want to import to the UK you need an UKARA number

Is a scope/bipod included
No, both are not included