I just released 0.49g Sniper BBs . Also all Sniper BBs are back in stock
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A Rifle Built to Perfection

Since I started airsoft sniping 8 years ago I couldn't find a gun that fit my needs. So I built my own.
The Novritsch SSG24 is a gun designed with no compromise. It's a rifle for the airsoft sniper who accepts nothing less than perfection.

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Ammunition is key to consistency

No matter how perfect your airsoft gun is, it's accuracy will be influenced by the quality of the BBs.
What makes the Novritsch BBs so different?

Find out

Laserlike accuracy
- out of the box

This gun doesn't need any further modification or tuning.
It's completely preupgraded so you can focus on improving your tactics instead on fixing your gun.
You want to customize your SSG24?

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Free Novritsch Academy

What to take care of when you select your gear and many other useful tips for the airsoft sniper

I spent 8 years optimizing my tactics, and spent time in the military. Enter your email below and I will send you my free Academy package:

  • 70+ minute runtime
  • Tactics and gear
  • Tips and tricks on airsoft sniping


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