How to make Airsoft Gameplay Videos

Whats up,

Airsoft is a really fun sport. Meeting your friends, being outdoors, physical activity and shooting guns is a combination that makes me wanna go play Airsoft every single weekend for 9 years.

Especially sitting around a campfire, drinking a beer and telling your friends about insane kills or fails that you made, makes and airsoftday even better. Now image you can show everybody what you did through a video in which you can see every single BB flying towards your targets.

New products

With affordable action cams hitting the market – making your own gameplay videos is easier than ever. However the biggest barrier that most people have is – how can I build a Zoom Cam and how do I edit all this video footage into a nice exciting gameplay.

The Story on how I figured this all out:

Six years ago when I started making videos it was quite difficult to start. The only way to get a zoomcamera was to build a mount from scratch for a 500 USD camcorder with manual focus. If you wanna see the hassle it is to build that mount check out this video:

Even though the video/audio quality and the image stabilisation of the camcorder is nice, the camcorder setup comes with a lot of disadvantages such as:

It’s heavy and bulky. If you touch the focus ring by accident, everything will be out of focus. If you bump it into something it will not be aligned with your shots anymore

These drawbacks are what popularised Mobius Action Cameras with zoom lenses mounted in them. however, I was never really happy with the quality of those compared to the camcorder.

That was until now when actioncamera video quality improved and are now at the point where they can create an image that is comparable to the one of my camcorder.
Due to the vast amount of mail asking me how to build a zoom cam and how to edit videos I knew that this is the next thing I have to create for you guys – so I tried every combination of action cameras and zoom lenses until I found the one that works the best for me in terms of reliability, quality and price.

Together with the action cam manufacturer Foxeer Legend, I created the NOVRITSCH Zoomcam which includes everything needed to record your BB flying towards your enemy. Unlike the standard Foxeer Legend 2 the NOVRITSCH Zoomcam comes with a picatinny rail adapter and a 35mm zoomlens preinstalled.

Since most people have problems somewhere in the progress of making Zoomcam videos – I created the NOVRITSCH Video Creation Course in which I show every single step from unboxing the camera to growing an audience on Youtube.

Content Overview:

  • Mounting and Zeroing the Zoomcam
  • Camera Settings
  • Preparation for Gameday
  • How to Record on the Field
  • Backing Up Footage
  • Editing Software Basics
  • Syncing Multiple Cameras
  • Cutting Progress
  • Overlays and Sound Effects
  • Voice Over
  • Exporting and Uploading to Youtube
  • How to Become a Sponsored Player

If you always wanted to share you airsoft skills and stories with your friends and the world check out the my Zoomcam that comes together with the Video Creation Course.

Plastic VS Metal – GBB Pistol Slides

Among people who are on their mission to find the perfect GBB pistol, there’s always one question that comes up. Should I go with a plastic slide or is the metal slide the better choice?

There is no definite answer to this question since both have their disadvantages and advantages.

The advantage of a plastic slide is definitely its lightweightness. It consumes less gas since less weight has to be moved for each shot. Also the plastic slide cycles faster due to the smaller inertia. Less mass results in less inertia of course.

A lot of people claim that plastic slides are so efficient that they even work at low temperatures, in which metal slides already start failing to cycle properly. With this point I don’t agree. Why? – Because there is CO2, which brings me to the disadvantages of plastic slides.

Plastic slides aren’t very durable. If you owned a bunch of plastic slide GBB pistols you will know there there is one big problem with them. If you use them with green gas, they tend to break. I had three G18c with plastic slides since I started to play airsoft and one of the parts that kept breaking was the plastic slide. Even tho I used the lowest power green gas I could find, the gun couldn’t handle it for more than ~10.000 shots, which is not that long if you are using your sidearm as frequently as I do.
This is why defenders of plastic slides recommend duster gas. The problem with this weak gas is that it can only empty around 70% of the magazine properly. So there is no propellant for my plastic slide G18c which is strong enough to cycle the gun for an entire magazine that doesn’t break my gun. This is what I found extremely disappointing for a GBB pistol that retails for a whopping 170 € in Europe.

Another big downside of plastic slides is that they cannot handle CO2. CO2 just provides a lot more pressure compared to green gas. This is why CO2 sidearms are in general more reliable than green gas pistol.
If you play in a clean CQB environment then this might not be important for you. But if you play at milsims that last multiple days you need a sidearm you can count on even if it is covered in mud.
A heavy duty CO2 pistol is more likely to just kick off the mud and cycle properly – while a plastic slide green gas pistol with a weak recoil spring tends to jam once it gets dirty.

Even tho this is not important for me personally there is one additional plus point for metal slides, which is realism. Ever seen a real steel pistol with a plastic slide? Also the combination of CO2 and a metal slide just leads to a heavier felt recoil and a louder shooting noise which a lot of people enjoy.

While I’m a fan of gas efficiency, I changed my opinion due to the experience I gathered with plastic slide GBB pistols the past few years.
My current preference is metal slides since they are just more reliable in the environment I’m using them. No matter if the pistol is dirty or if it’s a cold winderday – My CO2 sidearm will not let me down and will shoot when I need it to shoot + it won’t break as likely as the plastic slide one does.

Now I’m curious to hear back from the community – what’s your personal experience with GBB slides and which one do you prefer – plastic or metal slide?

If you want to receive updates on my project head over to

Opinion about the Airsoft Innovation 40Mike

I’m seeing lots of discussions about the Airsoft Innovations 40 mike after I released my latest gameplay.

So here’s my opinion:

What I really like about the 40 mike is that it’s a new concept. It’s quite rare in Airsoft that new innovations hit the market and I think manufacturers who take the financial risk to actually develop something new have to be supported. In Airsoft we don’t wanna go back to the time where everybody just copies Tokyo Marui right?

On the other hand I understand the concerns people have about the 40 mike. The 150 BBs in less that ⅓ of a second just sound terrifying.

I let my friend (the guy I shot in the beginning) shoot me with the 40 mike before I started using it in game. I hurt like a &%/$§”§$%. However it didn’t leave any marks on my skin like a Green Gas pistol would leave at this distance. And for 300 fps pistols we don’t have minimal engagement distance in Austria.

The 240 fps of the 40 mike result in around 0.5 Joule which is not a lot. It’s like one of these Toys’R’Us BB guns for kids.
The pain caused is purely due to the immense volume of BBs. It think it can be compared to getting shot by a football I guess. High energy, lots of pain, but no injuries caused.

The only thing I would be seriously worried about it is getting shot by a 40 mike in the face at close range without wearing a mask. The human body can handle fast traveling BBs quite easily – except the face. Lips and teeth will get destroyed by 150 BBs – even if it’s only 0.5 Joules.

Dear fields which allow the 40 mike,
Thanks for not suppressing technical progress in our great hobby. However I highly recommend to make facemasks mandatory at your field. Even if there is a minimal engagement distances – mistakes happen and nobody wants to see a guy with his lips in pieces and 4 teeth shot out.

Do I think the 40 mike should be allowed at fields?

Honestly I don’t know. Even tho I don’t worry that anybody will get seriously injured with the 40 mike, I’m afraid that the pain caused by it will start fights at fields. Eventually people will get really mad and would not come back to the field. We don’t want to lose people in our already small community.

On the other hand the 40 mike will add to the dynamics of the game, just like airsoft granades did. And it finally makes sense to use an under barrel 40mm grenade launcher – not just for looks.

Let me know your opinion about the airsoft innovations 40 mike in the comments, I’m curious about what you guys think.

All You Need to Know About BBs

Which BB brand will make my airsoft sniper rifle shoot more consistant and which weight should I use?

Whats up,

Everybody who is into airsoft sniping came across the ammonition issue at least once.

Which BB brand will make my airsoft sniper rifle shoot more consistantly and what weight should I use?

It's very important to ask yourself this question since the BBs used is probably the most important factor to get your sniper rifle to shoot accurately.

You can have the best gun out there, but if you are using the wrong BBs your sniper rifle will not shoot consistantly.

So I made it my mission to find the best BB

...and I literally tried every single brand out there.

BBs with airbubbles, big craters, dirty surfaces and irregular shapes - I've seen it all.

But I also found great white heavyweight sniper BBs which gave me nice groupings in my VSR-10 back when I didn't use the SSG24 yet

However my biggest issue was that, no matter how good the BBs were - every brand was very unconsistant. Sometimes I got a good batch - sometimes I got a bad batch.

I was curious why that is and I knew the only way to find out is to fly out to one of those BB factories. Now guess where those are..

Off to Asia

I wrote a bunch of e-mails with the subject - Promoting your BB factory with the biggest social media in the airsoft industry.

Even though it wasn't my intention to promote any factory - I knew this was the only way to get into one of those mysterious facilities.

3 days later I had 6 responses in my inbox - all of them were in broken Asian English - even worse than mine. But all of them contained an address - so I took the next plane and made a roundtrip through Japan, Taiwan and China.

After 5 days of hopping between airports and factories, eating weird food and hitting on asian women, I realized that all BB brands I've ever tried come from only a few factories. Thousands of boxes with a ton of familiar brand names were in the factories warehouses.

The BB factories processes were surprisingly clean and organized - so I didn't really understand why the differences between the batches were so big - until I talked to the sales people of the factories.

The brands were pushing the prices of the BBs down by cutting cost on raw material, polishing time and quality control.

In this very moment I realized that the only way for me to get my hands on the perfect BBs - was to work with the best factory. By investing as much time and money necessary to get the best raw material, polishing and QC possible, I should achieve the quality I want.

I canceled my flight back and extended my stay at the hotel right next to the factory. My mission was clear - I will not leave before I get the first samples of the perfect sniper BB.

After month of testing different materials, finding the perfect polishing time, purchasing QC machines and constant trial and error...

...the NOVRITSCH Sniper BioBB was created:

Check out now

If you are searching for the best sniper BBs out there, try out mine - you will be suprised how much more consistant your rifle will shoot.

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