I just released 0.49g Sniper BBs . Also all Sniper BBs are back in stock


...is minimal. Because I want it to support my gamestyle, not to slow me down

Primary Sniper Rifle

Base gun: Novritsch SSG24 Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Internals: Stock Internals - no modifications were done internally
Scope: 3x-9x 50mm mildot scope 
Scopecamera: Zoomcam

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Backup Sniper Rifle

Base gun: SSG24 Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Conversion Kit: : SSG24- M40A3 Conversion Kit
Scope: 3x-9x 50mm mildot scope
Front Rail: M40A3 Front Rail
Scopecam: Zoomcam

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Ammonition / BBs

I choose my BBs according to my installed spring. Stronger springs require heavier BBs

300-450 fps @0,2g BBs (0,8 - 1,9 Joules): Novritsch 0.30g Sniper BBs
400-500 fps @0,2g BBs (1,5 - 2,3 Joules): Novritsch 0.36g Sniper BBs
450-550 fps @0,2g BBs (1,9 - 2,8 Joules): Novritsch 0.40g Sniper BBs
500-700 fps @0,2g BBs (2,3 - 4,5 Joules): Novritsch 0.46g Sniper BBs

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Airsoft Essentials

Battlebelt: Condor
Sidearm: Marui G18c
Holster: Safariland 6004
Magpouches Pistol: 9mm Zentauron
Magpouches SSG24: NOVRITSCH SSG24 Magpouch
Hat: SC-Ghillie
Glasses: Skyairsoft
Gloves: ANTIFOG safety googles low profile