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  • Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – Scope Cam – Urban Sniper
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Novritsch begleiten 2’200’000 Abonnenten die Gaming nicht nur in virtuellen Welten sondern auch hautnah erleben wollen.
Bewaffnet bis an die Zähne mit sogenannten Airsoftguns bestreitet er Spiele mit bis zu 3000 Teilnehmern in Russland, Europa, Asien und den USA.
Mit Panzern, Helikoptern und realitätsgetreuer Ausrüstung bleibt kein Patz für Stubenhocker. Für Novritsch bedeutet der Sport Airsoft: Action, Teamplay und Fitness

2,2 million people who want to experience gaming not only in videogames but in real life are following Novritsch. Armed and equipped with airsoft guns, gear and cameras are playing sometimes more than 3000 participants at games agains each other. In Russia, Europe, Asia and the United States.
These games, sometimes even with tanks and helicopters  are those moments people are leaving their comfort zone to really experience the joy of beeing active fit and competitive. 
Always with the principles of safety, fair play and team spirit.


  • Born March 93 ‘ in Upper Austria
  • Livin in Vienna
  • Playing Airsoft for 8 years
  • Previous worked as an electrical engineer in Germany and South East Asia, now full time Youtuber
  • 2,2M Youtube Subscribers, 200k on Facebook, 200k on Instagram
  • No political background, fair play, safety


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  • https://www.youtube.com/novritsch
  • https://www.instagram.com/novritsch/
  • https://www.facebook.com/novritsch



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