Novritsch SSG24 Airsoft Sniper Rifle – PREORDER

780.00$ 485.00$

The Novritsch SSG24 is a spring powered airsoft sniper rifle which comes with internals that can handle springs up to M190 (650fps). It has a precision hopup chamber and a 6.01 precision barrel installed for an uncomparable precision out of the box.
Unlike most airsoft snipers on the market the SSG24 needs NO further tuning or modifications. The Novritsch SSG24 is a no compromise out of the box solution for the airsoft sniper who accepts nothing than perfection.

The Novritsch SSG24 has a retail value of 780$, but since it gets shipped directly from the manufacturer in Asia to the customer I can offer it to a stunning price of 485$
Please read shipping details before ordering

The SSG24 will come until further notice with the drilled fluted outer barrel since people love the design so much.

Installed spring *

The SSG24 is available in three different spring configurations. The gun will come with the chosen spring installed.

Additional springs

Here you can choose additional springs. Installing a spring is easy and explained in the Novritsch Academy. The SSG24 can easily handle springs up to M190.

Additional magazines

One magazine is already included

Additional Novritsch Sniper BBs

One bottle is already included

This must be a number!

This must be a number!

Additional accessories

If you want to run your SSG24 with a sling you will need sling swivels. If you want to use a silencer you need a silencer adapter


Product Description

The SSG24 is now up for preorder. Estimated time of delivery: Mid of June 2017

Rifle Shaft

The SSG24 stock is made from glass fiber reinforced polymer - just like the stock from the real M24. Due to the material thickness of 7 mm the rifle stock is extremely durable and there's no flex at all. To completely eliminate outer barrel wobble, an additional steel screw (bipod stud) in front of the sniper connects the outer barrel with the stock.

With the M24 style stock adjustment, you can fit the Novritsch SSG24 to the length of your arms. Every single part of the assembly is CNC machined to ensure that there’s as little play as possible. The two sling swivel attachment points and the bipod mount are made of steel and countered with steel nuts on the inside of the stock. The metal trigger guard is enlarged to allow gun manipulation with gloves on.

Receiver assembly

The entire Receiver is made from CNC machined aluminium and has it’s individual Novritsch SSG24 serial number. The receiver contains two POM glide rings which ensure a smooth and easy bolt pull. The extended picatinny rail on top is mounted with four steel screws to the receiver. Underneath the front screw of the rail sits a thread screw which ensures that the outer barrel can't turn.

The drilled fluted outer barrel is CNC machined from a 4 mm thick Aluminium pipe. No matter how often you will fall with this gun, you won’t be able to bend or break any of those parts. The CNC machined endcap has an O-ring insert to stabalize the inner barrel. An additional steel screw (bipod stud) ensures that there's no play between stock and outer barrel.


The black oxidized steel cylinder’s shaft is pinned with 3 spring pins onto the base of the bolt handle. This combined with the hard anodized Aluminium cylinder head makes for a durable base to compress air. A rubber pad on the cylinder head helps to reduce noise and impact vibrations of the shot. The length of the nozzle is optimized for perfect BB placement inside the Hopup bucking, which results in a repeatable and consistent BB backspin.

Cylinder inserts

The spring guide is made of polished stainless steel. The high speed piston is made of many different materials to provide the best piston characteristics possible. Rubber seal cap for perfect seal + impact absorption. Lightweight aluminium shaft for fast acceleration. POM glide ring for a smooth action. Hardened steel piston base for durability. All cylinder components can easily handle springs up to M190. The SSG24 springs are made from silicone chrome steel which allow easy compression and fast return.

2 stage trigger

For maximum control of your shot the SSG24 comes with a 2 stage, 90° trigger.

First Stage: Adjustable and extremely lightweight trigger travel. Pull the trigger back until you can feel the resistance increase to the second stage.

Second stage: The trigger weight increases but it’s very short and crisp. You will be able to exactly feel when the shot will break.

Both the trigger and the piston sear are made of hardened double heat treated steel. Due to the extreme hardness of these parts the SSG24 triggerbox can easily handle springs up to M190 / 650 fps at 0,2g BBs.


Spring Guide Stopper

The spring guide stopper is made of hardened steel and has rounded corners on the contact points to the cylinder, to avoid unnecessary friction. It’s designed in a way that it applies constantly pressure on the base of the cylinder. This means that the cylinder is always in the exact same place. No play of the cylinder results in consistent nozzle placement in the hopup bucking. Therefore the BB backspin of the SSG24 is extremely consistent and repeatable


The hopup adjuster of the Novritsch SSG24 is easily accesable from the outside. No tools needed. The adjustment assembly is on both sides of the chamber to avoid side hop effects. The hopup arm is CNC machined from aluminium to ensure there’s no play or flex. The contact points of the hopup arm are shaped to the Hopup rubber for equal pressure on the BB.

The hopup is made of a soft silicone with an extremely high friction coefficient. It can easily overhop BBs up to 0,46g. No R-hop modification needed. It sits tight inside the hopup chamber which provides a 100% seal. When you close the inner barrel with your finger and pull the trigger, the piston will stop before hitting the cylinder head, due to the perfect airseal.

Inner barrel

The surface of the 475mm long 6.01 aluminium barrel is hard oxidized to increase the surface hardness to a point where it won't wear anymore. It’s straightness and inner diameter gets measured individually at quality control before it finds it’s place in the SSG24. The barrel is stabilized additionally through a barrelspacer in the middle of the outer barrel and an o-ring in the endcap of the outer barrel.


The SSG24 magazine can hold 28 BBs. Due to it’s transparent plastic you can keep track of how many BBs you have left in your gun. The combination of the side guides and the spring mechanism ensure that the mag changes are smooth. The top part of the magazine with the feeding lips is separated from the main body of the magazine and presses itself into the hopup chamber with the follower spring.

Weight: 2600g  Length: 1095mm - 1155mm

What's included

The SSG24 comes in a slick black hardshell case with 4 locking points. The foam inserts will keep your SSG24 safe when you are traveling to gamesites either with your car or on the plane. The manual of the gun contains a link to exclusive video guides on how to adjust, clean, maintain and make the best out of your Novritsch SSG24 airsoft sniper rifle. Also included is a bottle of Novritsch Sniper BBs, a sniper patch for your battle dress uniform and a barrel cleaning rod.

After market stock conversion kit from M24 to M40A3 - available in late spring 2017


The SSG24 will always come in the M24 stock. Anyways the SSG24 is a platform that is highly customize able. A M40A3 conversion kit will be released in late spring 2017. Also different bolt handles, outer barrels, rails, flash hiders, suppressors and rifle shafts will be released in the near future. Click to visit SSG24 accessory shop

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you ship to my country?

Please check out this page for more info.

I have a question about the gun in any way

Please check out the Novritsch Academy before contacting me. If you didn't find the find the answer there please contact me via the contact form.

What if something breaks? Will spareparts be available?

Nothing will break. If you still manage to break it somehow - Yes, in 1 month spareparts will be available

Why is the gun so cheap / so expensive?

Because it's good. A cheap 130 USD china made sniper rifle feels like a Nerf toygun compared to the SSG24. If you upgrade a airsoft sniper rifle to this performance both internally and externally yourself, you will spend at least 1000 USD. I can offer it for this  price since it gets shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer. Therefore you don't need to pay for distribution and retail which is usually about 50% of the endconsumers price.

Why is shipping so fast, slow, cheap, expensive?

Our shipping service provides a fast and secure shipping method for a reasonable price. Remember that this gun is extremely precise - so I make sure that there is nothing happening to the gun during shipping that may affect accuracy.

I never ordered an airsoftgun abroad. Do I have to worry?

Don't worry. I sent a lot of rifles all over the world and there were never any serious problems. Sometimes the customs can be slow but for the most part you will receive the package hassle free and in time. Anyways carefully read this page before ordering Click

What is the legal power limit in my country?

Ask your friends, local field/retailer or check out this page to find out more

Is a bipod or scope included?

No. Included is: the gun with one magazine, one bottle of Novritsch BBs, a barrel cleaning rod, a manual, a sniper patch, a gun case and an allen key. 

I am new to airsoft sniping - is this gun for me?

Yes, it's the perfect beginner gun, since you don't have to do any complicated tech work to it, to make it shoot good.

I have problems checking out

Please contact me via the contact form.

I ordered and didn't receive any confirmation

Please check your spam folder - then contact me via the contact form.

Anything else?

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