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Novritsch SSG24 Airsoft Sniper Rifle – PREORDER

700.00 435.00 (ex. VAT)

The Novritsch SSG24 is a spring powered airsoft sniper rifle with internals that can handle springs up to M190 (650fps). It has a precision hop up chamber and a 6.01mm precision barrel installed for incomparable precision out of the box.
Unlike most airsoft snipers on the market the SSG24 needs NO further tuning or modifications. The Novritsch SSG24 is a no compromise out of the box solution for the airsoft sniper who accepts nothing less than perfection.

The Novritsch SSG24 has a retail value of 700€, but since it gets shipped directly from the manufacturer in Asia to the customer, I can offer it to a stunning price of 435€ (import duty and taxes may apply)

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The SSG24 is now up for preorder. Estimated time of delivery:  End of October 2018

Rifle Shaft

The SSG24 stock is made from glass fiber reinforced polymer - just like the stock from the real M24. Due to the material thickness of 7 mm the rifle stock is extremely durable with no flex at all. To completely eliminate outer barrel wobble, an additional steel screw (bipod stud) in front of the rifle connects the outer barrel to the stock.

With the M24 style stock adjustment, you can fit the Novritsch SSG24 to the length of your arms. The two sling swivel attachment points and the bipod mount are made of steel and countered with steel nuts on the inside of the stock. The metal trigger guard is enlarged to allow gun manipulation with gloves on.

Receiver assembly

The entire Receiver is made of metal and has it’s individual Novritsch SSG24 serial number. The receiver contains two POM glide rings which ensure a smooth and easy bolt pull. The extended picatinny rail on top is mounted with four steel screws to the receiver. Underneath the front screw of the rail sits a thread screw which ensures that the outer barrel can't turn.

The drilled fluted outer barrel is CNC machined from a 4 mm thick aluminum pipe. No matter how often you fall with this gun, you won’t be able to bend or break any of the parts. The CNC machined endcap has an O-ring insert to stabilize the inner barrel. An additional steel screw (bipod stud) ensures that there's no play between stock and outer barrel.


The black oxidized steel cylinder’s shaft is pinned with 3 spring pins onto the base of the bolt handle. This combined with the hard anodized aluminum cylinder head makes for a durable base to compress air. A rubber pad on the cylinder head helps to reduce noise and impact vibrations of the shot. The length of the nozzle is optimized for perfect BB placement inside the hop up bucking, which results in a repeatable and consistent BB backspin.

Cylinder inserts

The spring guide is made of polished stainless steel. The high speed piston is made of many different materials to provide the best piston characteristics possible. The Rubber seal cap is for perfect seal + impact absorption. The lightweight aluminum shaft is for fast acceleration. The POM glide ring allows for a smooth action. Hardened steel piston base for durability. All cylinder components can easily handle springs up to M190. The SSG24 springs are made from silicone chrome steel which allows easy compression and fast return.

2 stage trigger

For maximum control of your shot the SSG24 comes with a 2 stage, 90° trigger.

First Stage: Adjustable and extremely lightweight trigger travel. Pull the trigger back until you can feel the resistance increase to the second stage.

Second stage: The trigger weight increases but it’s very short and crisp. You will be able to feel exactly when the shot will break.

Both the trigger and the piston sear are made of hardened double heat treated steel. Due to the extreme hardness of these parts the SSG24 trigger box can easily handle springs up to M190 / (650 fps w/ 0.2g BBs).


Spring Guide Stopper

The spring guide stopper is made of hardened steel and has rounded corners on the contact points on the cylinder, to avoid unnecessary friction. It’s designed in a way which applies constant pressure on the base of the cylinder. This means that the cylinder is always in the exact same place. No play of the cylinder results in consistent nozzle placement in the hop up bucking. Therefore the BB backspin of the SSG24 is extremely consistent and repeatable

Hop up

The hopup adjuster of the Novritsch SSG24 is easily accesable from the outside. No tools needed. The adjustment assembly is on both sides of the chamber to avoid side hop effects. The hopup arm is CNC machined from aluminium to ensure there’s no play or flex. The contact points of the hopup arm are shaped to the Hopup rubber for equal pressure on the BB.

The hop up is made of a soft silicone with an extremely high friction coefficient. It can easily overhop BBs up to 0,46g. No R-hop modification needed. It sits tightly inside the hop up chamber which provides a 100% seal. When you close the inner barrel with your finger and pull the trigger, the piston will stop before hitting the cylinder head, due to the perfect air seal.

Inner barrel

The surface of the 475mm long 6.01mm barrel is hard oxidized to increase the surface hardness to a point where it won't wear anymore. It’s straightness and inner diameter gets measured individually before it finds its place in the SSG24. The barrel is stabilized additionally through a barrel spacer in the middle of the outer barrel and an o-ring in the endcap of the outer barrel.


The SSG24 magazine can hold 28 BBs. Due to its transparent plastic you can keep track of how many BBs you have left in your gun. The combination of the side guides and the spring mechanism ensure that the mag changes are smooth. The top part of the magazine with the feeding lips is separated from the main body of the magazine and presses itself into the hop up chamber with the follower spring.

Weight: 2600g  Length: 1095mm - 1155mm

What's included

The SSG24 comes in a slick black hardshell case with 4 locking points. The foam inserts will keep your SSG24 safe when you are traveling to game sites either with your car or on the plane. The manual of the gun contains a link to exclusive video guides on how to adjust, clean, maintain and make the best out of your Novritsch SSG24 airsoft sniper rifle. Also included is a bottle of Novritsch Sniper BBs, a sniper patch for your battle dress uniform and a barrel cleaning rod.

After market ACCESSORIES

The SSG24 will always come with the M24 stock but it is a highly customizable platform. An M40A3 as well a left hand conversion kit is available. Also different bolt handles, outer barrels, extended rails, flash hiders and suppressors will be released in the near future. Click to visit SSG24 accessory shop

M40A3 Conversion Kit with Front Rail, Scope and Bipod

Enlarged Bolt handle

Enlarged 90° steel bolt handle for faster bolt racking. Drop in fit for SSG24 and M40 conversion kit.

FPS Adjuster Rings

Finetune the fps/power of your rifle exactly to the legal limit of your field with the fps adjuster rings.

Lefthand Conversion Kit

This conversion kit enables left handed people to operate the SSG24.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have Feeding Problems?

No. All new SSG24s come with Gen2 Magazines. The first 100 customers who had this problem got their Gen1 replaced for Gen2 mags for free.

Do You ship to my country?

Please check out this page for more info.

I have a question about the gun in any way

Please check out the Novritsch Academy before contacting me. If you didn't find the answer there please contact me via the contact form.

What if something breaks? Will spareparts be available?

Nothing will break. If you still manage to break it somehow - yes, spareparts are available here.

Why is the gun so cheap / expensive?

Because it's good. A cheap $130 USD China made sniper rifle feels like a Nerf toy gun compared to the SSG24. If you upgrade an airsoft sniper rifle to this performance level, both internally and externally, you will spend at least $1000 USD. I can offer it for this  price since it gets shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer. Therefore you don't need to pay for distribution and retail which is usually about 50% of the end consumer's price.

Why is shipping so fast, slow, cheap, expensive?

Our shipping service provides a fast and secure shipping method for a reasonable price. Remember that this gun is extremely precise - so I make sure that nothing will happen to the gun during shipping that may affect accuracy.

I'VE never ordered an airsoft gun abroad. Do I have to worry?

Don't worry. I've sent a lot of rifles all over the world and there were never any serious problems. Sometimes customs can be slow but for the most part you will receive the package hassle free and on time. Carefully read this page before ordering Click

I am new to airsoft sniping - is this gun for me?

Yes, it's the perfect beginner gun, since you don't have to do any complicated tech work to make it shoot well. 


Reviewed by Lee Avis from United Kingdom

and then Novritsch announced his rifle!

So in August of 2016 I finally decided to try Airsoft.

Sounds normal? Not for me. If I decide I like something I choose to go all out beforehand…. which is what I did. I bought a rifle, chest rig, ammo etc etc all without ever having been to my local field.

I started with a two tone green and black G&G 300 Bot. After a few months of running around and getting shot (a lot) I sold it and moved onto a MK1 Krytac SPR.

With the SPR came better range and a quick change spring system. This meant I could swap to a more powerful spring which made me decide to go down the route of using it as a DMR. I bought a cheap leafsuit and started to sneak around the field whenever I could.

This was great fun…. and then Novritsch announced his rifle!!

I watched his gameplay videos whilst the rifle was disguised and decided I had to have one. I set an reminder on my phone for the release date and time and waited as patiently as I could.

Now I could have built my own rifle like thousands of other airsoft snipers but I choose not to. Why?

Time and space. As a married father of three kids my spare time is at a premium. Not only would I struggle to find the time for assembling and tuning I also don’t have access to a large enough area to test any changes.

I also enjoy watching Nov travel the world visiting other YouTuber’s and events I will never get to do. If by buying his rifle helps to support his channel and travels than I’m all for that.

4pm GMT on release day and I bolted for the toilet in work. Credit card in hand I added my order, processed and paid and waited for the email. I messaged the Novristch page for confirmation and received a reply:

Congratulations Lee, you are one of the first 100 🙂

Then came the waiting game whilst the first 100 were built and shipped. What a wait but it was worth it in the end.

The rifle arrived well packaged and secure in its case. No damage apart from a burst bottle of BB’s (an issue which has been solved for newer orders)

First I added the scope from my Krytac (a cheap eBay scope) and set out to get it zeroed. Once I had the hop set right and had fired a good few hundred BB’s it was firing perfect. Stupidly far and stupidly straight. It is an insanely accurate rifle out of the box. Very sturdy as well. Lighter than my metal bodied SPR but just as tough.

Since March I have out over 10,000+ BB’s through mine and haven’t experienced any major issues. Some people reported jamming issues with the first 100 rifles which was fixed with a replacement part (free of course).

People at my local site genuinely hate my rifle. It outranges everything else and has caused a surge in bolt action ownership. I believe one person has since ordered an SSG if their own after using mine.


Want something awesome out of the box that doesn’t need to have its internal replaced to be awesome.

Then buy the SSG24!!

Lee Avis

AKA: FattyChickenz on Instagram.

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Reviewed by Spencer Camden from United States

It was well worth the wait

I preordered the SSG24 on May 15th 2017. I received it August 29th 2017 and it was well worth the wait. Out of the box the gun shoots great.

I like how the magazines push out when you release them, this makes it a lot easier when your wearing gloves or in a hurry. No wobbly parts whatsoever. The BBs are down right the greatest I’ve ever sent thru any airsoft gun and when combined with this rifle I feel as if I can make those amazing long range shots. The stock is very thick and I am confident it will survive anything I could ever put it thru on a airsoft field. There were no scratches or dents in my gun or BB bottle, my hardshell case was great too, it feels like it will protect my gun (Which it did during shipping) and will last a long time.

Novritsch is such a helpful person and a very professional one too. He helped me whenever I had a question which I would send him via email or Facebook messenger.

A couple things I personally dislike is that the screws on the bottom of the rifle are too tough to unscrew, might be too much screwglue on it. I dislike that the trigger pull adjustment is in a very awkward spot which is difficult to get to but it is possible. The orange tip seems to be on there quite good which will be somewhat okay because I plan to use a camo wrap too protect the gun from scratches and to camouflage it of course. The gun looks and performs as good as all the videos and novritsch have said.

I have never had a sniper before because like novritsch has said there is a lot of bad ones and I didn’t wanna waste money, but this gun has taken someone like me, completely new to sniping and now I’m outranging and outperforming everyone else.

I’d like to once again, thank Novritsch for his help and his quality product, not to mention how good of a member of the airsoft community he is. I can promise you if you buy the gun you will not be disappointed.

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Reviewed by Kotera from Japan

This is the review for the guys under 1J

This is the review for the guys living in Italy, Ireland and Japan, who play airsoft under 1J regulation.

Every time I saw on Novritsch YouTube video, I thought the accuracy comes from its high power. Thus I did not expect I can obtain the gun performance on video, because in Japan all airsoft gun is regulated under 0.989J by a law.

I purchased SSG24 for its nice and solid looks. I did not think it is as accurate as my stock VSR-10 Gspec.

However, the SSG24 performance betrayed me dramatically, even ordered with M90 spring version!

I measured its accuracy on 20m indoor range. And SSG24 shows almost a half grouping than my stock VSR10, both using 0.28g TM Superior BB. (Please see attatched target pictures. The first one is VSR and second one is SSG24.)
VSR trigger’s break is very slippery. However, SSG24’s crisp short 2stage trigger contributes to this accuracy. This good trigger links shooter’s mindset and let my finger go when the crosshair acquires center of the target.

Not only its accuracy, but range is fantastic. This gun shoots 60m deadly straight due to its well made airseal and hopup even my SSG24 is 91mps using 0.2g BB. This sniper rifle can outrange the most of other AEGs and snipers even the power is not different than others.

And of course, Novritsch’s support was so kind and helpful. He prepared good export documents for inflexible Japanese custom. And when having my SSG24 he immediately suggest me to prepare a alternative magazine parts! No other airsoft manufacturer have this good support.

My conclusion: If you are playing airsoft in low power, yet you can get the same performance as Novritsch with SSG24! This gun is accurate not because the gun is high power, but this gun is well designed and made.
Also you can get a heartwarming support from experienced airsoft player / manufacturer. This gun looks expensive, but I can say its costy considering these values.

This weekend I’ll go to the field and outrange many many enemy players with my SSG24. This gun is worth to get no matter where you live!
Thank you Novritsch for making this gun!

I post my airsoft footage on Instagram Milspec45_Airsofter. Please check it out 🙂

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Reviewed by Marc from Switzerland

Best stock sniper rifle I’ve ever seen

Hello everybody

I was one of the first 99 lucky guys who gets the ssg24. I ordered abaout 1.5 hours after the releasing video from Novritsch and I got the number 41.
At first when I hold the rifle I thought it’s very light. Only 2.6 kg, but when I attached a scope and a bipod it gets heavy. When I played with the ssg24 the first time, my wrists getting hurt because of the unaccustomed attitude and because of the weight. Normaly I run with an m4 on the field.

For me, the gun is a piece of art, especially with the nice looking drilled fluted outer barrel.

The stock of the sniper is one of the best I have ever seen. It just doesn’t feel like a toy, it feels so massive and real.
The black coat on the ssg24 is very sturdy. Even if you are lying your barrel on to rocks, it doesn’t wear off that quickly. The colour of the black oxidised cylinder gets weared off through the loading from time to time, but it doesn’t look that bad. The external processing was done very well. I’ve rare seen that good of quality.

The bolt pull is very smooth thanks to the little play of the cylinder inside the POM glide rings. In my opinion the bolt pull of an EDGI cylinder is still a little bit smoother, but for the price of 500$ the installed cylinder is all you need.
Now lets come to the internal parts, where all the precision happens. Here I’ve nothing to suspend to. The triggerbox is just a dream. It’s made out of amazingly high quality manufactured heatreaded toolsteel. The hop-up works just fine and can easily overhop heavy .46 g bbs. When I’ve testet the ssg24 on a gameplay, the themperature was about 15°C. It’s really comfortable that you can adjust the hop-up on the outside without tools. You shouldn’t underestimate this, it can safe you a lot of time and frustration. The 6.01mm precision inner barrel is doing a great job. The ssg24 shoots the bbs very reliable, accurate and consistant.
In the ssg24 delivery you can find of course the ssg24, one magazine, a cleaning rod, one bottle of Novritsch bbs, a loading aid and a letter where you can find a link to the novritsch academy. All this is well packed in a hardshell case with foam inserts.
All in all I have to say the ssg24 from Novritsch is my favorite gun out there and for me also the best on the market. When I arrived by the gameplay, there were many peaple (also experienced airsoft snipers) who noticed my gun. I let them shoot the ssg24 and I got only positive feedback ;-). So if you would like to be an ambitious airsoftsniper my advice is, GET A NOVRITSCH SSG24.
I also need to give a big thank you to Novritsch that he answered all my questions that I had about the ssg24 and I like that he wants to include the buyers opinon into his awesome product.
I hope I could helped you by the decision of buying an ssg24 or not, but I can guarantee, you wouldn’t regret if you bought one 😉 .
Marc Crettaz
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Reviewed by Tom van ‘t Hoff from the Netherlands

Super solid rifle with great performance

Hey there!

I’m the owner of the SSG24 marked with 0000.

I also own a WELL L96 AWS (the one with the mag in the right place) upgraded to the max with a EDGI tuning kit and an R-hop. My L96 and the SSG24 are really comparable in terms of accuracy but the SSG does come with the extra benefits of being super sturdy and comes in at a much lower price point than the L96 project gun.

I’ve dealt with the endless struggle of making my L96 airsoft sniper shoot straight and be reliable and frankly, a price of 500 dollar is something I’d pay to start of with what you wanted in the first place. Stock snipers are basically all crap and you’re never getting what you want. You will have to do a lot of research and DIY just to make one shoot properly.

Overall super solid rifle with great performance that’s going to last a long time if you treat it right!

Tom van ‘t Hoff

Owner of Silo Entertainment on YouTube

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Reviewed by Markus from Austria

Buy one. You won’t regret it.

Last week I got my Novritsch SSG24. I ordered 20 minutes after the release, so i was one of the first 99 lucky ones. It comes in a black gun case, just bit enough to fit the gun and some accessories. Don’t expect to get a peli case, but for this money, you will hardly find a gun that comes with a case, so it is a big plus. The bipod from the pictures is the one from my Echo1 M28, because the SSG24 doesn’t come with a bipod. I use it only for the photos.

I was in contact with Novritsch, annoying him with simple questions and when my sniper will arrive. As we both live in Austria, he asked to write some honest words about his gun and what I think about it. So I’ll tell you what I like and what I don’t like. He doesn’t pay me for this in any way.

First impression was pretty good, I found it surprisingly lightweight, as Novritsch said in his videos ͞he isn’t used into playing heavy guns͟. Compared to my old Echo1 M28, it feels lighter, but not less robust. You won’t think to break it. The twisted fluted barrel feels thick, but the grooves could have been done with smoother edges, but you won’t rip your skin of your thumb when you touch it.

The stock adjustment is much better than the one of the Echo1 M28, less shaky and with a nice resistance when adjusting it. Nothing to complain here.

The magazines feel quite nice, although I noticed some feeding issues once every 30 shots at temperatures around +5 degrees Celsius. We’ll see about that in the summer. I wouldn’t recommend taking them apart for cleaning, I did that with the magazines of my Echo1 M28, and I didn’t get them assembled anymore, even though I am a mechanic.

The rail that comes with gun is not perfect, with most scopes you won’t have many abilities to position your scope on the gun. Although the only position I could put it in was perfect for me, I’ll get the long extended rail for mounting a scope cam in front and some accessories.

Pulling the bolt is smooth and easy, the bolt doesn’t fall back into the gun itself, but it nearly does. Doing fast shooting is no problem. The bolt did get a few scratches, but no deep scratches.

The two staged trigger is very nice, I never missed having one before, but using it in game, it’s nice to have.

At the moment I have the M150 spring built in, with the 0.46gr Novritsch BB’s I get 345fps and 2.5j.

On my first game day with it, I used the Novritsch 0,46gr BB’s that came with the gun, adjusting the hop up was done in not even 2 minutes. The BB flies 100m with no problem, very accurate. In game I pulled of shots that I have only seen in Novritsch’s videos. It’s amazing. It’s so fun to outperform all the other players on the field. Their BB’s won’t even get near you, while you shoot them with no effort. I compared the results with a friend of mine, he has an Ares M40A3 with the Novritsch Tuning Kit, and I even outperformed his gun.

I highly recommend the Novritsch SSG24 for anyone who wants to start airsoft sniping, who doesn’t what to spend hours and hours learning about properly tuning an airsoft sniper or spend around a thousand of dollars or euros to get a good working gun. If you order it, don’t forget about customs duty, it did cost me around 100 dollars more than I paid to Novritsch, but that’s not his fault.

Buy one. You won’t regret it.

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Reviewed by Gwenael from France


Note: This review is translated from French to english by google translator. Find the original review here:


Today, another review! This time, it is a Bolt action gun, but not any, the one developed by Novritsch and Modify.

I have the serial number 33, I bought it from the top 100;).

Modify is a Taiwanese brand, better known for its parts than for its replicas. The only “real” replica of them being the m24. But then, the SSG24 Novritsch is a m24 from Modify? Yes and no. Yes in the sense that 70% of the replica resumes the m24 from modify, but important things have been changed (and also justifies the price, fortunately) As he explains in one of these SSG24 presentation videos, he wanted to replace his VSR10 with something really powerful, reliable and solid. So he ordered :)! After recess, I guess he saw the opportunity to make money, it does not matter to me if he makes us enjoy an excellent replica at a lower price than if you upgrade a sniper yourself.

I bought mine among the first 100, at a price of 460 USD and with a drilled flute outer barrel, the privilege of the first I suppose 🙂
Measured power: 431fps with a fps variation of less than 1 fps. Measured with 0.20 g & g PPSB and a chronc xcortech 3200. That’s not bad at all. Currently that’s the gun Novritsch plays with – What we receive.

What’s included ?

The SSG24 (fortunately), in its carrying case, a bottle of 0.46g Novritsch (+/- 550 balls), a cleaning rod, 1 speed loader adapter, a bag containing the trigger adjustment key, a patch and in my case, a small letter written by Novritsch where he thanked us for being one of the first 100 fanboys / buyers Of his replica.

Then, we have the enjoyment of a solid glass fiber reeinforced M24 stock. It makes my VSR-10 feel like toy…. Obviously, this stock is adjustable in length as on the true M24. My dwarf size will be satisfied with the “short” version ^^. It’s a nice little trick, but it’s totally indispensable, the logo “Novritsch” on the butt plate.

The reciever is, according to Novritsch’s information, of CNC machined aluminum. There are also 2 rings to hold the cylinder for a better sliding. This is important to prevent any deformation of the cylinder during cocking;)
The drilled flute outer barrel is very massive, I mean really VERY massive. I think we can do pushups on it, it will not harm the outer barrel or orther parts. I wouln’t even try this with a bar-10 or vsr-10 since those would break immediately.

The mounting rail is quite long, you will have room for the big glasses :)! For my part I use a simple 3-9 * 40 from tasco with scope extender and low mounts.

The disassembly of the gun is being explained on the site, I will not harass you with this here :). The cylinder is made of steel which has received a black oxidized treatment which, in addition to its beneficial effects to the metal (antioxidant), reduces the metallic reflection for better camouflage. The cylinder head is made of anodized aluminum. It also receives a small layer of rubber to cushion the piston, reduce noise and especially to reduce vibration. In short, it is sturdy this set! The nozzle is longer than normal to be able to precisely place the ball in the hop up block and thss maximize the consistency of the shots.

Note that we already have significant differences with the modify m24, here in the “cylinder / piston” section. Also the Cylinder is made shorter then on the mod24 so that the vibrations don’t influence the hopup chamber. The longer nozzle is therefore also a difference between the two models. The spring guide is made of polished steel (for good slipping) and is longer than average to keep the spring as straight as possible. The piston is I quote, failing to have found better information on the web:

The high speed piston is made of many different materials to provide the best piston characteristics possible. Rubber seal cap for perfect seal + impact absorption. Lightweight aluminium shaft for fast acceleration. POM glide ring for a smooth action. Hardened steel piston base for durability. All cylinder components can easily handle springs up to M190.

It is understood that it is a piston “high speed” composed of different materials in order to have the best possible characteristics. The piston head is equipped with a rubber tip for a perfect seal and shock absorption, all in ultra-light aluminum to go as fast as possible. The whole is built to have an exemplary durability and can easily withstand the springs until m190 (650fps for recall).

The spring is in silicon / chrome steel for a quick compression and a return to its original shape also. The trigger box is a double stage trigger. The first one is used to prepare the shot, a very relaxing relaxing run will take you to the second stage, very hard, you will never again be surprised by your shots as on some bolt, really too sensitive. The sears are made of reeinforced steel reinforced which got double heat treated for maximum hardness. Again, it is to hold quietly at 650fps without risk of breakage. Note that this is a 90 ° trigger.

The Hopup is similiar to the m24 modify and vsr10 hopup. Adjustment from the outside via a lever(therefore you can adjust without tools!). Where it stands out, it is by its dual-channel operation, in fact, on the modify and the vsr10, the tab slides on a plastic part only on one side of it … causing side spin with The time (much even!). There, the assembly takes support of TWO SIDES! No side spin is the result:) Also, the hopup lever is shaped to the profile of the hopup bucking and it is made of CNC aliminium, so no deformation. The hop up rubber is specific to the SSG, just like that of the m24 of modify is also. It is made of a soft silicone with a high coefficient of friction. It can easily raise the 0.46g (these are besides these balls that are supplied with the replica) It is also indicated that there is no need to make R-Hop modification (greater range of contact between the ball and the hop-up rubber) because … the modification is already made! For info, the joint hop-up is effective … even by minus 15 ° c! He (novritsch) recommends, however, to bring a ball that is not as polished as his own (everything is relative … he talks about bioshot ball which is already very good, but with a bit of roughness, so a better grip at the joint) . Additional information, the majority of the hopup rubbers are no longer very effective below 5 ° c (in the case of bolts). They have to be “heated” by many to be able to have acceptable performances.

The inner barrel made a lot of discussion on the internet! It is a 475mm aluminum 6.01! This is not the most logical choice because the aluminum inner barrels are fragile, very fragile, and subject to vibrations. The one of the SSG24 is supported by a spacer in the center of the outer barel and by an o-ring shortly before the end of the barrel. In short, it’s stable! However … the choice of an aluminum gun is not stupid in the sense that it is quite low cost ($ 50) and that it has a very low coefficient of friction. It’s just fragile! As long as it remains in its “holster” and you do not use balls in the form of pebbles, it will go;)

The loader is specific to the SSG, just like the one of the modify is specific. It is transparent and lets the marbles appear :)! Practical to know if you are soon empty or not!

We went around the replica! For info, ALL the parts can be found on the site of in case and cost less expensive than the PDI or even the SHS. Also, in the future, a type “m40a3” stick, the panpan of the Marines, will be born! Ideal for those who want a “RS” outfit while keeping the same toys.

Will bit be able to compete against my vsr10 ?(complete upgrade airsoftpro and AAC, hopuprubber nineball and 6.04 deepfire) 430fps, a full upgrade 450fps m700, a 416hpa at 400fps and What I remember from a vsr10 full upgrade pdi (including the famous 6.04 barrel) with nineball rubber and modified hop up Paploo v2 at 450fps. So there are many ways to compare this gun to others. In addition, I have a laser range finder so … wait and see and stay tuned!

Updated 20/02/2017 Good now I can speak about the shooting performance of this gun. The break-in of the hop-up is done fairly quickly (less than one magazine) and once it’s done the range increases a lot. If this one is really average during the first shots, after breaking in the hopup it gets a monster of range. At the level of precision … It is a pure and hard madness. Only the shooter misses his target at not the gun. In terms of range (once the hopup is broken in), this exceeds all my markers. A majority shot at 80 true meters yesterday and I still could hit targets (430fps @0,2g bbs, M130) but the terrain did not allow me to use the maximum range of the gun . It was amazing! All I needed was Aiming skills.

One sentence to summarize: This is an EXCELLENT Bolt, which makes a sniper beginner, a good sniper and an average sniper,  to an excellent sniper. I had some disappointments with feeing of the mags. Only 5 of 6 shots feeded. Nothing serious because no double feeding BUT, a little disappointing

Update 28/02.2017

At noon I received a mail from Novritsch, here is the content:

I got some feedback from the first 100 customers and the gun seems to work just perfect except the magazines. If you have problems with your mags, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience. I’m already working on the gen 2 magazines and the prototype is already finished – The part that causes the feeding issues is the top part of the magazine. In about 2 month the new generation 2 part will be finished. The guns after the first one hundret will already come with gen 2 mags. I will send you this part then for each of your magazines together with a video installation guide for free.
Also one customer found that the pins in the back of his cylinder were not all the way inside. Please check this at your gun too -> Pull the bolt all the way back. On the back of the cylinder you will see 3 spring pins which connect the cylinder shaft to the cylinder base. All those 3 pins should be flush with the cylinder surface. If they stand out a little bit please take a hammer and push the all the way in.
It was only the case with this one specific gun – anyhow please also check on yours since this can cause damage to the receiver. If you found anything on the SSG24 that bothers you please let me know. I would really appreciate your opinion on improvement. Also if you have any ideas for accessories or tuningparts that I should get made please let me know.

In short, they are working on magazines generations 2 to correct the problem of missfeed, and anyone who has ordered the first 100 ssg24 will receive the parts to modify their magazines, for free. Also, it indicates that one of the owners of ssg24 saw one of the pins holding the cylinder, slightly moving. If we were to encounter the same problem, it would be enough to put it back in with a small hammer. In short, this is the first time I see such a customer follow-up. I think it’s absolutely brilliant.

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Reviewed by Taylor Scott from the United States

Hands down the best rifle I’ve ever owned

First off I want to say thank you to Novritsch for answering my constant barrage of emails. You helped me in multiple ways and I can’t thank you enough.

Now, this rifle is amazing! Hands down the best rifle I’ve ever owned, and that’s saying something because I also have a completely upgraded Tokyo Marui VSR-10.

Straight out of the box I was impressed with this rifle. For the price the added case it a great feature! I was relived when it came and I had gotten one of the first 99, I have number 62. From the super smooth butter like pull of the cylinder/charging handle to the laser trajectory of the .46g bbs, I love this rifle.

I took it to my local field and single handedly took my team to victory because of this rifle. Thank you Novritsch for making this rifle and thank you again to Christoph for being so helpful.

Taylor Scott

Callsign Tower
Happy owner of the SSG24
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