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Novritsch Sniper Guide Series


The purpose of this Guide is not entertainment.

I created this 90 minutes long Video Guide Series to teach you everything I learned during my sniper training at the Austrian Military. I will also share with you my knowledge I gained through gun teching and playing the role of the airsoft sniper for over 8 years in more than 11 countries around the world.

You are going to learn:

  • – How to build an accurate sniper. What's in my gun
  • – Advanced sniper tactics
  • – How to be twice as fast as your enemies when operating your rifle
  • – Easy and efficiently packing for an airsoft game
  • – From like minded people all over the world in the exclusive Facebook group

Additional to the 4 main topics I  am including 5 bonus videos:

    • – How to make airsoft videos, people will like
    • – How to become a sponsored player
    • – Tips for sniper reloads
    • – Sling techniques
    • – Sniper cocking basics

I created this Sniper Guide Series with a lot of passion, and I hope that you guys love it as much as I do. With purchasing this product you are not just getting access to all the knowledge I gained since doing this sport, you are also supporting me so I can continue uploading videos on Youtube.

Below I made a detailed content overview of all the elements included in this product. Thank's for your support!



1) VSR-10 teardown:

This video is just about my sniper. What's inside and what I did to it to make it shoot as far and accurate as possible. In those 20 minutes I talk about every tiny part of my VSR-10, what it does and why I have it installed.

2) Sniper tactics explained:

Popular airsoft gameplay videos on youtube basically have the purpose to entertain people. That's why they are cut very fast paced. More often than not it gives the audience a wrong idea of airsoft tactics, since important but boring parts are cut out of the video.
That is why I made this uncut Urban Sniper Tactics video, to show you guys what I am really doing on the field. Nothing is staged or faked. Airsoft Sniping the way it really is.

3) Sniper manipulation:

Most airsoft players usually don't have the opportunity to learn how to properly operate a gun. Even if you don't need to control recoil etc., there are still multiple crossovers between operating real steel guns and airsoft guns. In this guide I talk about the bolt action sniper rifle drills I learned at the Austrian Military, and what I adapted to make them work on spring powered power airsoft snipers.
This video contains valuable information on: Shoulder change drills, bolt racking techniques, gun stabilizing techniques, how to bring your gun up to get your enemies into the scope as fast as possible.

4) Gear overview:

What am I using and why I am using it. In this video I talk very detailed about every single part of my Gear. I also show how I arrange my gear and what I bring and how I pack for an airsoft game.

5) Airsoft Sniper Community:

An exclusive facebook group with like minded people to exchange your knowledge and thougths. Sniperbuddy Fabi and I will be active to answer all your airsoft sniper related questions.

6) Additional Bonus Content

As a thank you I attached these 5 minutes videos completely free on top of everything. Just to give something back to all my fans who support me with what I am doing the last two years:

– How to make airsoft videos, people will like
– How to become a sponsored player
– Tips for sniper reloads
– Sling techniques
– Sniper cocking basics


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