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Compact Zoomcamera with railmount that lets you record the trajectory of your BBs

Compatible with micro SD cards up to 64 GB

Includes the Novritsch Video Creation Guide which teaches how to record and edit Airsoft Gameplay Footage and how to grow an audience on YouTube
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The customs installed 35mm lens is the perfect allrounder for AEGs and sniper rifles. It lets you see the BBs trajectory clearly while still providing a nice stable image. 

With the included quick detach adapter you can mount the Zoomcam without tools to any airsoftgun with a rail. A barrel/scope adapter with a rail is available separately here. 

Video Creation Guide

Only at the Zoomcam comes with a link to the exclusive NOVRITSCH Video Creation Guide which is all about how to record and edit airsoft videos and how to grow an audience on YouTube. It also includes access to a data library with crosshairs, hitmarkers, soundeffects and many other overlays.

Product Rundown

Additionally I will talk about everything you need to know about your new camera. I go through every setting in the menu and talk about how to mount the camera on rails and scopes to hold its zero.

Overlay Library

I also include all the data you need to finish your own gameplays. It was quite an effort to create all those scope overlays, hitmarkers, winddirection overlays and much more. You will receive access to a file directory with all the elements ready to use. 

Video options:

2880x2160p @24 frames per second (4k)
2560x1440p @30 frames per second
1920x1080p @60 frames per second (HD)
1280x720p @120 frames per second
640x480p @240 frames per second

What's in the box?

Foxeer Legend 2 with custom 35mm zoom lens
Rail adapter
Exclusive access to the NOVRITSCH Airsoft Video Creation Guide
Exclusive access to overlay data library
Micro USB cable

The Zoomcam mounted on the Novritsch Scope (with the 25mm / 30mm Rail Adapter)


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