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I wrote an airsoft sniper guide about everything I learned during my sniper education at the Austrian Military and playing the airsoft sniper role for over 7 years. In this collection I put tips for gameplay, advice what I would  buy and some stories from my past.

To truly realize what airsoft is all about you have to think back to when you were a child: the joy while playing with these mechanical toys – like playing catch – these are things people nowadays just don’t recognize. Unfortunately people tend to just think in templates – they do not even bother that there is more than black and white. In a world where fighting in a real war is seen as being an adult I‘d rather be a playing child.

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Product Description

Tips for Airsoft Snipers

Don’t shoot if you aren’t sure whether the enemy is in range or not. In most cases you will lose against an experienced AEG player, if he knows your position. Always try to take your enemy out of the game with your first shot...

Development of Gameplay

The first airsoft match I played was with three friends in a forest we weren‘t allowed to play in. I simply loved the thrill of not getting caught and hit, while sneaking in grass. I also loved the feeling of waiting for the perfect moment to pull the trigger.

Why not an AEG

People are constantly asking me why I am not using an AEG. Even though an automatic rifle seems attractive for a sniper in trouble, I would still always go with a good old bolt action sniper for a number of reasons...


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