SSG24 Spring Data

The number on your chronograph can be influenced by a lot of factors like chronograph brand, hopup adjustment, BB-weight, the angle you shoot through the chrono and many other factors. Please keep that in mind when measuring the muzzle velocity of your SSG24.

This chart is a rule-of-thumb for the SSG24 springs with 0,2g BBs. The SSG24 springs shoot a bit hotter in the beginning but will settle after around 300 shots.
Please keep in mind that the joules of the SSG24 can increase up to 20% by switching from 0,2g BBs to heavyweight BBs.

I am aware of all local regulation for joules and or feet per second. We check every single SSG order if the gun is legal in your country before sending it out.

Table Overview

Spring Meter per second Feet per second Joules
M90 90 294 0,81
M110 110 360 1,2
M120 120 390 1,44
M130 130 425 1,68
M140 140  458 1,95
M150 150 490 2,31
M160 160 524 2,56
M170 170 556 2,87
M180 180 589 3,22
M190 190 622 3,59

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